CS 247 - Interaction Design Studio

Milestone 6: Functional Prototype II

Change Log

The vast majority of our updates were to the discussion phase, since it turned out to be both crucial and slightly off-the-mark in the previous iteration. Rather than simply paste a few new features onto what we had, we reimagined it from the ground up.

Our testing indicated that users’ goals in this phase were slightly different from those we had designed for: they wanted to update the app state to reflect their conclusions after each discussion point, not to reflect the flow of the discussion itself. This was clearly demonstrated in their use of our “current topic” feature: we wanted them to click on the idea they were discussing so it could appear at the top and grow bigger in the list as they discussed it further. Instead, they would simply click on the idea a few times when they were done discussing it, making the size match their conclusions about its importance.

It’s a subtle distinction, but a powerful one. So, we threw out our existing discussion phase features completely and crafted a new experience that more closely matches the needs expressed by our users.


Note: We very seriously discussed Jofish’s suggestion that we tailor our app to the format of a particular brainstorming theorist. To some extent, we’d done this from the beginning, since our initial prototype relied heavily and explicitly on David Kelley’s seven guidelines for ideating. We considered going even further by implementing a more detailed set of rules (e.g. those which require specific Post-It colors for different types of ideas). However, we decided that we were already shaping the brainstorming process enough with our phase divisions and the functionalities available therein. We want to keep it fairly open to different groups with different preferences, and also to maintain the unique feel of our application. We understand that this is actually the more difficult path, and we would be happy to discuss our rationale for this further.